Firestick Accessories [2021] Best Buy Online

Firestick Accessories are not just limited to the HDMI Cable and USB Charger, but you can use lots of items with your Fire TV Stick.

Accessories for example HDMI Convertors, HDMI Splitter, Ethernet OTG, USB OTG, etc. All of these accessories are not necessary to buy but if you are in need then you must try any of them.

List of Firestick Accessories You can use:

Link for each of the item mentioned here will be given in this article, go and check price online.

  1. HDMI to VGA Converter – use Firestick with VGA input Desktop/Projectors
  2. HDMI to RCA Converter – use Firestick with AV input TV.
  3. HDMI Splitter – Watch Firestick show on multiple TV sets.
  4. HDMI Switcher – Increase the number of HDMI inputs to TV.
  5. Ethernet OTG – Convert LAN to Power+Internet micro USB.
  6. OTG Cable – Can be used to Increase Firestick Storage Capacity.

All of the Firestick Accessories mentioned in the table above are somehow useful if you need them.

But What you must buy is the MicroUSB OTG Cable, as it is helpful in connecting the LAN to USB Port with Firestick and to attach any External Storage device to firestick.

Here I just explained :- How to Solve the Low Storage issue in Firestick?

How to Use these Firestick Accessories?

Lets see how you can use these mentioned Firestick Accessories, and if you like the usefulness you can buy it anytime.

Rrimin MicroUSB OTG Cable

Introducing MicroUSB OTG Cable
  • Support: All Firesticks
  • Use: 1. Connect Storage to Firestick, and 2. Connect the LAN-USB Adapter to Firestick. 3. Also used to connect Mouse to Mobile/Tablets
  • Packaged:1 x Micro USB OTG HOST Cable
  • Returned: 10 Days
  • Warranty: NA

Where to use this USB to MicroUSB OTG Cable:

  • Considering you are buying this Cable for your Firestick you can use it for connecting the Firestick with external Storage like Pendrive or SDcard Adapter.
  • If you love to experiment on your TV and try new apps then the 8GB internal storage of your firestick is not enough to try all apps together.
  • Another use is you can connect this cable with LAN to USB Adapter and take the full speed advantage of your Internet Service provider speed.
  • The LAN to USB Adapter helps you to use your Firestick over Ethernet and LAN gives you twice the speed than WiFi and you can stream HD videos without buffering.

Quantum RJ45 Ethernet LAN Adapter

LAN OTG - Convert Lan Internet to USB
  • Support: All Firesticks
  • Use: Ethernet to USB internet conversion.
  • It has 10/100 MBPS LAN switch and USB 2.0
  • Returned: 10 Days
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Where to use This LAN to USB OTG Cable?

  • Let’s consider you are using a 4K fire TV Stick but the firestick only supports a WiFi network now what? Here this LAN to USB cable helps you, it converts the LAN Ethernet to USB, and then by using the USB to MicroUSB OTG you can use high-Speed Ethernet on your Fire TV Stick.
  • When we use Firestick on Wifi the Internet Speed we get is not that much power, but if we use the Internet using Cable the speed can be double the WiFi Speed.
  • This is not for those who are satisfied with the Mobile Internet for the Firestick.
  • You can use this LAN to USB cable for your Laptop in case the LAN Port is not working. or you are connected with another PC using the LAN and need the Internet.

AmazonBasics 3 Port HDMI Switch

HDMI Switch 3 in 1 Out for Firestick
  • Support: All HDMI TV
  • Use: Connect More device to the TV with HDMI Input Switch
  • Out of 3 Inputs, We can choose one HDMI input at one time.
  • Comes with 1.8 Foot Cable
  • Returned: 10 Days
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Where to Use This HDMI 3 to 1 Switch Adapter?

  • Best Switch/Adapter for increasing your TV HDMI input capacity. Suppose my TV has 2 HDMI inputs and I need 4 devices to use on that TV, then I can use this HDMI Switch and connect the multiple HDMI inputs and the cable to the TV.
  • Now, whenever I want to use any extra HDMI device I just need to use the Switch given, then the Input will be selected and it will get displayed on the TV.

Tobo HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 out

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 out for Firestick Multi Display
  • Support: All TV and Firestick
  • Use: Display Same Firestick on Multiple Display
  • Watch the Same Movie on 2 TV
  • HDMI Splitter 4K 2K Full HD 1080p
  • Returned: 10 Days
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Where to Use This HDMI 1 to 2 Splitter?

  • This Splitter lets you split the 1 HDMI Display Input to 2 HDMI Display output. By using this device you can show your same video/Movie on 2 TV.
  • This Splitter supports all video quality from 1080HD, 2k to 4K HDMI splitter.
  • If you don’t want to watch the same display on 2 TV/Displays then this Splitter is not for you.

Posh Mini HDMI2AV

HDMI to AV Adapter for Firestick
  • Support: All Firestick and RCA/AV TV
  • Use: Use Firestick on RCA/AV TV
  • Easy to use and cheap in Cost
  • Returned: 10 Days
  • Warranty: 10 Days

Where to Use This HDMI to AV Converter?

  • Best device for those who wish to use the Fire TV Stick but don’t have an HDMI TV! so what if your TV supports AV/RCA 3 cable input you can use this converter.
  • Just connect the Firestick to this Converter and then connect the RCA cables of the TV to the other end of this converter.

PremiumAV HDMI to VGA Converter

HDMI to VGA Converter Male to Female
  • Support: All Firestick and VGA TV or Desktop or VGA Projectors
  • Use: Use Firestick VGA Desktop or VGA Projector
  • Easy to use and cheap in Cost
  • Returned: 10 Days
  • Warranty: 1 Month

Where to Use This HDMI to VGA Converter?

  • Do you have an Extra PC Desktop with VGA input? then you can use this Converter and attach the Firestick to use the Desktop as a TV.
  • The same thing goes with VGA Projector, if you want a big screen like Theater then you can use this converter to watch movies on the Projector.
  • It comes with a separate audio jack that you can use to connect home theater and listen to the Firestick audio.

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